Welcome to the new Meadow Interpreting website

Welcome to new Meadow Interpreting

I picked the name ‘Meadow’ as I love being outdoors in nature, whether that be open water swimming, paddleboarding or walking; since the pandemic hit, I quickly understood the need for open space and its benefits on body, mind and soul. The outdoors became my solace in uncertain times and I’m almost positive I’m not alone in my thinking, there’s nothing like being at one, with nature.

Through experience of working with and booking interpreters in the past 10 years, I have met so many interpreters and clients.  I highly respect and understand the challenges and demands an interpreter faces each of their working days. The importance of their role is often overlooked and under-valued and I would like that to change in the coming years. Ultimately, I would like this industry to be protected by law so that it can grow safely and sustainably, to support the deaf community nationwide.

I have been reflecting and looking at ways to support interpreters to develop their knowledge and skills through CPD. With this, I am aiming to create courses that are stimulating, enjoyable and educational – relevant to your roles and workplace environments – so no more booking any course to get the final 2-3 points needed to register! I genuinely want you to feel both excited and fulfilled with the courses I am offering. I know when I become qualified I will have to go on CPD courses too, so I’m only hosting courses that I’d personally be happy to attend.

I very much look forward to working with you in the very near future, whether that be through CPD or booking your communication services.


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