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Welcome to Meadow Interpreting

Meadow Interpreting is a deaf-led organisation and aims to prioritise the needs of deaf and hard of hearing people in their everyday lives.

Meadow Interpreting offers British Sign Language and Deaf Relay interpreting, Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses, and Deaf Awareness workshops services throughout the UK.

Our core values are to Inspire, Grow, and demonstrate Resilience

To help to inspire people to achieve their dreams.


Empowering people to grow to become independent and strong.


To be able to overcome the daily barriers they experience in their lives.

At Meadow Interpreting, we aim to have a positive social impact on the Deaf community.

Make your vision clear, words are like seeds. You receive the fruit of whatever you plant. We are constantly planting seeds every day in our everyday lives.

Why book Meadow Interpreting? You have come to the right place.
  • Over 20 years in the Deaf community and expertise in understanding the needs of deaf people
  • Over 10 years’ experience of working in the Interpreting industry
  • Have worked with interpreters all over the UK

If you are interested in booking a British Sign Language Interpreter, BSL/Intralingual (Deaf relay) Interpreter, Lip-speaker, Speech To Text Reporter, or Deaf Awareness training workshops. We are here for you.

Meadow Interpreting Blog
About me

My name is Jessica Maryan, I was born profoundly deaf in the late 70s. I was not diagnosed with profound deafness until at the age of 3. I found sign language later in life when I went to university in Lancashire. It was there I gained a unique insight into the deaf world. I graduated with a BA (Hons) in Business Management.

Having both witnessed and experienced discrimination first hand, I was, and still am, passionate about creating solutions to lessen the gap of inequality for deaf people and enabling them to find their voice; after all, isn’t that what we all want in life, to be heard and validated. Upon working in the Deaf community, I became a qualified advocate specialising in vulnerable adults and Care Act.

I set up Meadow Interpreting to reduce the gap between deaf and hearing people so that they can become independent, using communication professionals in their everyday lives, through employment, training, and social events so they can have the same, equal access to information as their hearing peers.

I have extensive experience in this field, having been involved in the Deaf community for more than 20 years and working in the interpreting industry for over 10 years, additionally, I know most of interpreters around the UK. Therefore, I can meet the individual needs of deaf people.

Jessica Maryan

I am fluent in British Sign Language and recently obtained the Level 6 qualification. This is the equivalent of a degree. I have also competed part 1 of the Sign Language Interpreter qualification and I am currently a trainee BSL/Intralingual Sign Language Interpreter. I am in the process of completing part 2 of the interpreting qualification to enable me to become a qualified Sign Language Interpreter. I have achieved the equivalent of 3 degrees so far.

Jessica is also a qualified advocate specialising in Vulnerable Adults and Care Act. If you require freelance advocacy services, please contact us.

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